DIY telescope travel case

Telescope travel case for camping

I've been wanting to build a travel case for my telescope to make it easier to take on camping trips, so here's my go at it. It should have room for all accessories, cables, and even a Raspberry pi for taking photos. If your interested in making a case like this, I hope this gives you a few ideas about what you may want in your case setup.
Once I had an idea of what size box I would need, I cut six plywood pieces for the walls. 2 pieces for the sides, 2 for the top and bottom, and 2 for the front and back. Then to assemble them I added 2 x 3 blocks on the inside of each corner. This gave my screws something to grab onto and made the box quite sturdy.
Once the main structure was complete, I needed to add a handle. After browsing the pipe isle of my local hardware store, I assembled a pipe handle. I chose 3/4 pipe as this is a good size that fits comfortably in my hand. This also gives it a cool look!!
I found these beefy wheels at a Harbor Freight. They will do just fine for dirt roads and trails, if I decide to take the telescope up a trail to get a better view. A word of advice, I put these wheels too close together and the case could easily tip over. Later I moved them 4 inches further apart and it greatly improved the stability.
Looking good! I made cool pipe legs for it, and added hinges to the top piece of plywood so the top can swing down to the side for access. Now time to paint and add racing stripes!

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