Have you heard of MakerCast?

MakerCast – The Podcast for Makers

If you are a maker as I am, you can´t skip MakerCast, the best DIY podcast on the web.Hosted by Jon Berard, the podcast gives us a series of inspirational and passionate stories from makers and creative people from all walks of life. With interviews of real makers big and small. It´s a great and fun way to learn about other makers stories and how they grew up to become a creative. For me personally I have been able to relate to so many people on the show. This has given me more confidence to be who I am and I hope it gives you more confidence too!

You can hear from many people just like you, with the same energy and taste, maybe even a similar life style! There is a podcast with Josh Price, a father, teacher and content creator, he moved with his family into an RV and his wood shop had to fit a space in the back of the RV. They plan to visit many workshops and maker spaces, so at the end of the trip Josh might open his own “makers workspace”.

After all we have seen, what is a maker? It´s not an easy task to find this definition but makers are the ones who enjoy creating things with their own hands, and also with free will and a free mind while working, unlike a regular operator who works with their hands simply following a predetermined pattern. If you like to build things and solve problems with your own hands, to get creative with tools and find new ways to combine them then MakerCast is for you. Now listen to an episode!

Here is the link for the show: http://www.podcastformakers.com

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