It’s Alive Hobbies was started to share my passion for electronics with everyone. My name is Alann and I have over 6 years experience CNC manufacturing medical devices. We used Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems in the manufacturing process to create high precision parts. Now I’ve moved on from the medical manufacturing field and am pursuing my hobbies like automotive, electronics, machining, and coding.

It’s Alive Hobbies is a company that explores what we do when not at “work”. After we clock out we head to the garage and start working for fun. That’s right working because we enjoy it. That’s what hobbies are all about, Enjoying our free time plus hobbies can reduce stress and increase happiness. That’s why It’s Alive Hobbies finds it so important to have hobbies. To help give you a push we provide information, products, or just inspiration for hobbyists. I hope It’s Alive Hobbies will inspire you to take on new projects, and new challenges!